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How I like to use async await in JS

Using async and await is generally considered to be a replacement for handling promises with then() and catch() methods: methodThatReturnsAPromise().then(result => { handleResult(result) }).catch(err => { […]

8 Misconceptions about web design

1. White space / space is a bad thing Space or ‘white space’ as it is called in the web design world, is one of the […]

Ionic Custom Form Builder

Ion-custom-form-builder This is an ionic-angular component library for building forms with the highlight of doing form validation so you don’t have to. Find this component library […]

Simple authentication with Guards in Laravel

This isn’t an in-depth article on the topic. There are plenty of those around. However, I found it difficult to find a simple implementation for basic […]

Google Maps with Laravel

Recently I had to create a form, where the user can fill in their address. We wanted the address to be accurate as this address will […]

Working with Eloquent: API Resources in Laravel – Part 2

Following on from my previous blog Post (found here) we are going to be discussing two interesting parts of API Resources. Using Resources to build up […]

Getting Django to talk to MySQL 8

Recently I needed to move a Django database from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8. DigitalOcean currently only offers MySQL version 8 as a managed database. I […]

Pull Requests

Pull Requests are a feature that makes it easier for developers to collaborate. Developers can view code, suggest changes and share ideas. On Bitbucket, they provide […]

Custom App Colours in Flutter

Flutter has great functionality but when it comes to UI, it lacks in one fundamental method, with all it’s bells and whistles it can’t do one […]

Provisioning a new Digital Ocean server with Laravel Forge, and deploying code with Laravel Envoyer

Today I had to migrate a server for our client Xstream Connect from their hosting to our Digital Ocean droplet. Normally doing this is a pain, […]

4 Handy Tools For Web Design

We as web designers need constantly learn new things to keep up with the latest trends and technology. There is an abundance of tools to use […]

Extracting a color gradient from a shape in powerpoint into CSS

Extracting a color gradient from a shape in powerpoint into CSS   Being a web designer / web developer, you are faced with the task of […]

Laravel Backpack

This week I learnt about Laravel backpack. We have been creating a lot of sites that need Admin CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functionalities. As […]

How to deploy a backend API to Azure

Deploying a backend API to Azure In this post I will show with many screenshots the steps to making an API App with Azure. Although I’ve […]

How to use CKEditor 5 in Angular with server side rendering support

How to use CKEditor 5 in Angular with server side rendering support   What is CKEditor and why would you be interested in using it?   […]

System Environment Variables on Windows

System Environment Variables on Windows   This week I did research on environment variables in Java on a Windows system. Let me create a scenario for […]