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Important Steps on Taking Notes

It is a well- known fact that taking notes in a meeting, work or client related, is key in any world of business. It is an […]

Embedding website links into your Android App

Sometimes when you are building an app, you need to display some sort of standard information that is also already displayed on your website. Example: Say […]

Unhandled Promises sent through to App Insights in Node JS

App Insights is great for monitoring services, logging metrics and analysing traces and exceptions. However I recently came across an issue where unhandle promises rejections showed […]

Implementing a JS markdown editor into your application

Recently I was looking at online markdown editors that I could use in a small code sharing app. A lot of them were great, but Toast […]

The Research of Code

When working with code, the most important thing every developer should know is that research is vital to the web development process. If a client has […]

The differences between www and non-www URL’s

Introduction I’ve had this question pop up a few times recently, so I decided to write a blog about it. What is the real difference between […]

Laravel: Accessors and Mutators

In Laravel, Accessors and Mutators allow you to manipulate data when you store or read it. The Mutator allows you to alter data when it is […]

Datatables with Laravel

When creating a web app it usually involves creating a dashboard and a place for the user to see data pertaining to their company. You can […]

A kill script for processes that are using tcp/udp ports

I used to have trouble with processes blocking ports while developing. I would type up a number of commands trying to find the pid of the […]

Our lockdown story

Not too long ago we were all still enjoying the warm weather and our unchallenged freedom. Blissfully unaware of the challenges we might face very soon. […]

What is OpenAPI and why should you use it?

RESTFUL API’s have been around for a while. And every year, more and more software projects start using them. They allow you to create an easy […]

The process of web design

When a client has commissioned for a website to be built or redesigned, it is a web designer’s duty to ensure that the client’s vision becomes […]

Native vs. Hybrid

There’s often a debate between which is better? Hybrid or native? With everything else in life everything in life it’s not a clear cut. Let’s start […]

210 Factors from Google that affect your SEO

I love SEO, but there are always factors that can affect the performance of your website. Below is a great article I came accross that really […]

Scrum and Agile methodology

One of the most dominant Agile approaches is Scrum. It’s very popular and widely used. Agile is a development methodology based on iterative and incremental approach. Scrum is one of the […]

How to setup and use OneSignal for web apps

I recently learnt how to use OneSignal. One of my clients needed a pop up notification when ever a message came through on their web app. […]