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Native vs. Hybrid

There’s often a debate between which is better? Hybrid or native? With everything else in life everything in life it’s not a clear cut. Let’s start […]

210 Factors from Google that affect your SEO

I love SEO, but there are always factors that can affect the performance of your website. Below is a great article I came accross that really […]

Scrum and Agile methodology

One of the most dominant Agile approaches is Scrum. It’s very popular and widely used. Agile is a development methodology based on iterative and incremental approach. Scrum is one of the […]

How to setup and use OneSignal for web apps

I recently learnt how to use OneSignal. One of my clients needed a pop up notification when ever a message came through on their web app. […]

What’s new in android 11?

Google has released android 11(preview)(No longer opting to name android versions after deserts) a month earlier than they normally do and more than two months ahead […]

Sprint planning & time keeping

At Lava Lamp we use Freedcamp to plan our sprints and keep track of how much time it takes to complete our tasks. A sprint is […]

Simple architecture In Android

Architecture is quite a difficult thing to wrap your head around. Today I’m going to show you a simple way to get your app running with […]

From college to work – A web developer’s experience

It’s been a long year! You are done with your final assignment, you’re almost done with your exams and you are wondering what lies ahead of […]

Easily view your Laravel logs using Laravel Log viewer

If you’ve ever had a client or customer call you up and say “I got an error, the app doesn’t work!”, without any context, I’d imagine […]

How I like to use async await in JS

Using async and await is generally considered to be a replacement for handling promises with then() and catch() methods: methodThatReturnsAPromise().then(result => { handleResult(result) }).catch(err => { […]

8 Misconceptions about web design

1. White space / space is a bad thing Space or ‘white space’ as it is called in the web design world, is one of the […]

Ionic custom form builder

Ion-custom-form-builder This is an ionic-angular component library for building forms with the highlight of doing form validation so you don’t have to. Find this component library […]

Simple authentication with Guards in Laravel

This isn’t an in-depth article on the topic. There are plenty of those around. However, I found it difficult to find a simple implementation for basic […]

Google Maps with Laravel

Recently I had to create a form, where the user can fill in their address. We wanted the address to be accurate as this address will […]

Working with Eloquent: API Resources in Laravel – Part 2

Following on from my previous blog Post (found here) we are going to be discussing two interesting parts of API Resources. Using Resources to build up […]

Getting Django to talk to MySQL 8

Recently I needed to move a Django database from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8. DigitalOcean currently only offers MySQL version 8 as a managed database. I […]