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Business Automation

Business-specific workflows assist our clients with Disaster recovery, time tracking and invoice generation, to mention a few. If you choose to outsource your enterprise app development, we work with you to understand your business and assist to deliver automation for great business efficiency.


We are industry experts in Fintech and eCommerce, Lava Lamp Lab will help you with custom software development to provide you with the quality software services for creating online shops, Fintech mobile apps and web presence for your business of any size, allowing you to engage, sell, support and collect payments.

Startups & Innovation

Lava Lamp Lab believes in helping you grow your idea into a business. Our team has provided outsourced services to multiple tech start-ups & investors over the last decade, delivering innovative solutions. We have been trusted over other software development companies to build their entire technology stack.

Data Mining

Key to any business is processing of websites and social network APIs, aligning the information gathered to information collected from internal enterprise systems. This big data can be rendered on reporting dashboards to create Business Intelligence. You can entrust Lava Lamp Lab to reliably deliver on this.


Building Web, Data, and Mobile applications to help your organization succeed with technology you can count on.

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