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We have a great work methodology of constantly improving ourselves and learning the latest trends in the web and software industry.

getting started

Getting started

We like to keep things simple. We understand that between work and trying to maintain a personal life, there’s not a lot of time left over to look for a new job; this is where we come in. We believe in face to face relationships, after all – how are we going to find you the perfect job if we haven’t even met you? Let’s meet up and get things started.

let's meet

Let's meet

It’s simple! It’s easy and convenient! It takes 30 minutes, no paperwork, no tests, just a genuine conversation to learn more about your experience and career goals so that we can find you the right opportunity. Not only do we meet you in person – but you also meet the hiring managers! By doing this, we can provide you with detailed information about the company, team, management and culture – much more information than you would get on a company website.

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Provide you feedback

We understand that the biggest frustration in a job search is submitting your resume to a position and never hearing anything back. We will get you feedback for every position for which you are submitted – whether it is good news or bad.

Won't waste your time

We spend time up front to find out what you are really looking for, as we want to ensure you are the right fit to our business and vice versa. Simply put… we get it - your career is an extremely important piece of your life and we take that very seriously.