custom software &
development services

We specialize in best quality outsourced IT services and offer our clients from all over the world full-cycle customised software development, support and maintenance, dedicated app development teams etc.

IT outsourcing services give you access to the pool of high-quality human resources, a way to save your IT budget and a great opportunity to speed up your R&D and information technology processes.

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custom software and development services
usability testing

Application & software development

Lava Lamp Lab is your one-stop shop for outsourcing software development. Starting through the need for full-stack application and software development, our team comprises of experts and advisors to help you with: requirements gathering and idea analysis, custom software development for mobile and web applications, system design architecture, UI/UX design, QA and testing, DevOps and system administration and maintenance with our first world support.

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outsourced software development

Outsourced software development

As part of every new project, we work with you to ensure we understand exactly what it is you need. We then put together the team to provide you with the very best outsourced dedicated development service. Aiming to give you a team of developers best suited to meet your business and IT goals. We are able to further augment and provide additional services through our team of multi-skilled: business analysts, system architects, software developers, quality assurance engineers, UI/UX designers, system administrators and project managers.

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project based resourcing

Project based resourcing

Lava Lamp Lab is your one-stop-shop for software development. We can assist your company with resourcing for: Software requirements gathering; application architecture; UI/UX design; application development; testing and deployment for mobile, web and enterprise applications. We believe in continuous integration with a test-driven development methodology that uses an agile development process. Our clients are established businesses with the need for a competent partner like us to assist them to assist with development resourcing.

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digital marketing

Digital marketing & consulting

Inbound marketing utilises content marketing initially creating brand awareness and attracting new business, with the aim being to increase the number of high-quality leads you generate. You acquire more high-quality leads by appealing to and enticing like-minded potential customers who fit your target audience or ideal customer persona (target audience/ideal buyer profile).

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graphic designer

Graphic design & consulting

Today, there is too much data, so visualization is more important than ever. Our experience includes a variety of marketing and advertising assets, in both digital and print media, such as: infographics, postcards, business cards, advertisements, brochures, event banners, sales/datasheets. We are in touch with an array of printers ensuring costs stay low!

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UI / UX design & consulting

UI / UX design & consulting

User interface and experience design is all about understanding relationship that exists between your user and the device they interact with. Our UI / UX team will work with you to analyzes your target audience behavior. Using this information we will create appropriate workflows and design prototypes. Our goal is to implement an effective look and feel that ensures seamless interaction with your application. We believe this process will achieve solid results, taking your product’s user experience to the next level.

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Recruitment services

Our highly experienced IT recruiters have a rich database of skilled individuals who place IT professionals across multiple industries. Locally and internationally. We understand the culture and technology of our clients, and are dedicated to sourcing candidates who share their vision.

Industry knowledge: We always have an up-to-date knowledge of our niche sectors, enabling us to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and opportunities.

Individual services: We build long-term relationships with clients, candidates and the industries’ key role players, offering insights, advice and excellent service.

Dynamic & experienced: We are a passionate, dynamic team with a vast professional network and over ?? years of combined industry experience and expertise.

Specialised service: We only recruit within our specialised fields, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technical and industry development.

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lease an expert in software and web development

Lease an expert

We match highly talented individuals with the perfect organization, and we take care of everything else you don’t want to do - from contracts and onboarding to tech roadmaps and project management. No HR hassle.

Contact us for a free consultation and we fit the final piece of the puzzle into your team.

Other benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Predictable cost structure
  • High level of technical expertise
  • Focus on core business, whilst empowering and enabling end users
  • No direct resource management and overhead
  • Knowledge transfer and enablement
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