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Sep 1, 2020
git workflow with multiple people

Git Workflow with multiple people

As LavaLamp is growing larger, and more and more people are working on the same projects, I thought it would be useful to discuss the Git […]
May 25, 2020
The Research of Code

The Research of Code

When working with code, the most important thing every developer should know is that research is vital to the web development process. If a client has […]
Mar 31, 2020
The Process of Web Design

The process of web design

When a client has commissioned for a website to be built or redesigned, it is a web designer’s duty to ensure that the client’s vision becomes […]
Mar 5, 2020

How to setup and use OneSignal for web apps

I recently learnt how to use OneSignal. One of my clients needed a pop up notification when ever a message came through on their web app. […]
Feb 4, 2020
From College to Work

From college to work – A web developer’s experience

It’s been a long year! You are done with your final assignment, you’re almost done with your exams and you are wondering what lies ahead of […]
Jan 31, 2020
laravel log viewer

Easily view your Laravel logs using Laravel Log viewer

If you’ve ever had a client or customer call you up and say “I got an error, the app doesn’t work!”, without any context, I’d imagine […]
Jan 27, 2020
How I like to use async await in JS

How I like to use async await in JS

Using async and await is generally considered to be a replacement for handling promises with then() and catch() methods: methodThatReturnsAPromise().then(result => { handleResult(result) }).catch(err => { […]
Oct 10, 2019
Laravel Backpack

Laravel backpack

This week I learnt about Laravel backpack. We have been creating a lot of sites that need Admin CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functionalities. As […]
Jul 2, 2019
The Importance Of Website Maintenance

The importance of website maintenance

The Importance Of Website Maintenance   I hear this all too often: “My site is slow.” or “My site isn’t doing as well as before.” or […]
May 7, 2019
content management systems or websites

Why should you use a content management system (CMS)

Why Should You Use A Content Management System (CMS) It’s the 21st century and if you don’t already have a website yet, you might want to […]
Mar 12, 2019
drupal verses wordpress

What makes Drupal awesome compared to WordPress

What Makes Drupal Awesome Compared To WordPress   I love working with Drupal for one main reason: its’ flexibility and power to add and create content. […]