Sep 21, 2021

Client Communication and Cooperation

In dealing with a client on a project, it is always important to remember to establish boundaries and ground rules very early on.  It’s obvious that […]
Feb 11, 2021
4 tips to make time estimating easier

4 Tips To Make Time Estimating Easier

Jan 25, 2021
the important role of documentation

The Important Role Of Documentation

Jan 18, 2021
9 tips to prevent programmer burnout

9 Tips To Prevent Programmer Burnout

Nov 16, 2020
proritising tasks and skills

Prioritising Tasks And Skills

Oct 16, 2020

The Move To Clockify

Jul 6, 2020
important steps on taking notes

Important Steps On Taking Notes

Apr 16, 2020
just another lockdown story

Our Lockdown Story

Mar 13, 2020
scrum and agile methodology

Scrum And Agile Methodology

Feb 19, 2020
time management

Sprint Planning And Time Keeping