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May 11, 2020
Laravel Accessors and Mutators

Laravel: Accessors and Mutators

In Laravel, Accessors and Mutators allow you to manipulate data when you store or read it. The Mutator allows you to alter data when it is […]
Jan 27, 2020
How I like to use async await in JS

How I like to use async await in JS

Using async and await is generally considered to be a replacement for handling promises with then() and catch() methods: methodThatReturnsAPromise().then(result => { handleResult(result) }).catch(err => { […]
Apr 4, 2019

Android: A quick Kotlin eksperience

Benefits of using Kotlin Original Presentation: Android – A quick Kotlin Eksperience   1.No Semi-Colon 2.Default Values 3.Extension Functions 4.Data Classes 5.Parcelize 6.Unit Functions 7.Null Operations […]