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Jun 18, 2019

The Importance Of Website Maintenance

I hear this all too often: “My site is slow.” or “My site isn’t doing as well as before.” or “No one is clicking on my website.” The answer is simple – website maintenance. Far too many people do not understand the importance of website maintenance. I cannot stress this enough.

Most websites run on what well call a CMS or Content Management System. It’s great in the fact that one can create an awesome looking website fairly quickly. But the downside is that you will most likely need modules or plugins. Now, these guys tend to get outdated quickly. This is where you will need a web design or developer to keep your website updated. Having outdated modules or plugins not only affects your search results on Google but also allows your website to be more susceptible to attacks and hacking. Sometimes websites even crash due to being soo outdated. I have many clients that come to me with the above situations and then I am having to clean up the mess behind the scenes. This can be a real headache for most webmasters.

Website maintenance does not have to be expensive. Most companies should charge a monthly fee. You really shouldn’t be charged an arm and a leg for something like this. If you are, then the company you are with is ripping you off. Make sure you go with a trusted company to look after your website.

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