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Android: A quick Kotlin Eksperience


Benefits of using Kotlin

Original Presentation: Android – A quick Kotlin Eksperience


1.No Semi-Colon
2.Default Values
3.Extension Functions
4.Data Classes
6.Unit Functions
7.Null Operations


No Semicolons

This is probably the thing smallest things but has a huge effect on readability of code. A couple things to note is that there’s no new keyword and you don’t need to declare the type.

Default Values





Data Classes – Code









Kotlin data class benefits

1.The properties declared in the constructor: this technically is not exclusive to a data class, but it avoids all the boilerplate of getters and setters, in addition to the constructor

2.Provides the equals() & hashCode() functions

3.Provides a copy() method, very useful when we use immutable objects.


Parcelize – Code











The old implementation of Parcelize, required you to write a writeToParcelize class and create a new Creator class and was generally more work than it should have been. The more parameters you had in the Model Class the longer your code would inevitably become

Extension Functions – Code

Extension Function Usage


Unit functions




Null Operators



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