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October 2, 2017
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Hiring: PHP Developer

Company Description

Lava Lamp Lab is an innovative, growing software development company, with clients who focus on innovation, social networking and mobile technologies. We are seeking a motivated, PHP Developer to complement our technical team. We’re inviting PHP Developer candidates with a can-do attitude, a pragmatic soul and a trustworthy approach to execution to apply. If you can see yourself as part of a living and growing environment where personal drive and a need to explore new ways of using technologies are on top of your agenda, then we can’t wait to hear from you

As a PHP Developer you’ll assume a responsibility in the daily operations of the key components of Lava Lamp’s Projects. You must find it rewarding to plan and execute on a daily basis as well as working on implementing new features in an Agile environment. At the same time you’ll be responsible for the security and stability of the backend system that handles secure transactions.

Job Description

We build innovative new products for massive audiences.  Thus Lava Lamp Lab is looking for a PHP backend developer to help us continue delivering high quality applications to our clients. This means solving complex, unique and large-scale problems, and working with a passionate team to help Lava Lamp Lab grow and create value for our clients.

Day to Day Responsibilities

  • Work closely with frontend engineers in shipping new features
  • Proficient in LAMP stack environments using Laravel framework
  • Responsible for providing RESTful api resources for client frontends
  • Devops knowledge a plus
  • Ability to read and write JavaScript, CSS and HTML is a minimum


  • Feel right at home building sites with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Extensive experience with Laravel, JSON, Git, Gulp, Sass and JQuery to make building sites easier.
  • Passionate about automating deployment processes and testing code.
  • Prior working knowledge of Content Management Systems.
  • Expert level experience with MySQL, Mongo, building schemas, objects, tables and storing/retrieving data.
  • Find joy in integrating with external services and apis.
  • Able to juggle several projects and deadlines at the same time.
  • Write code so clean, fast, and elegant, that you have to fight the urge to hang it on your mantle.
  • Are disciplined and efficient in your approach to development.
  • Love finding solutions to complex problems.
  • Have a proven track record of using development methodologies, agile or kanban.
  • Are passionate about constantly learning new technologies and improving your skills.

Working relationships (internal/external):

  • Development Managers – Internal Customer, working with the Brand Product Development teams to develop ideas concepts and solutions that help the brand meet their objectives
  • Developers – working very closely with the global development/ engineering teams responsible for the web sites
  • Project Managers – working very closely with project managers effectively working across multiple projects and delivering to deadlines

Additional requirements:

  • 1 to 4 years’ experience.
  • Be prepared to up-skill and work across multiple platforms

This is an excellent opportunity for a motivated, disciplined person to work as part of a small team, where you have the opportunity to work on many exciting projects. The company has a range of client products it is developing and there is a requirement to quickly prototype small proof of concepts, while working on larger projects. The position allows for the person to work from home, so it is suited to a disciplined, motivated person.

The company has offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London. Preference is for you to be in Cape Town.

To offer yourself the strongest chance of being considered for this role, submit your CV to jobbox@lavalamp.biz, please include a brief description of some of the projects you have worked on, the role you played in each and the technical contribution you have made.

Salary:  Negotiated based on Experience.

Start: 1 November 2017